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About Kyiv


Kyiv-Pechersk LavraKyiv-Pechersk Lavra is the oldest Orthodox monastery of Rus and Ukraine. It was founded in the 11th century. Its founder was Antoniy of Lubeck, who took his monastic vows on Mount Athos. Over the centuries, Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra attracted numerous hermits and a multitude of pilgrims. Beautiful stone churches decorated with drawings, as well as cells, towers and other buildings arose here. The Lavra played a major role in the cultural history of Ukraine and Russia. The state treasure museum, state museum of Ukrainian decorative folk art, exhibition of miniature and many other exhibitions are situated
on the territory of Kyiv Pechersk Lavra.


St.Sophia's Cathedral

St. Sofia’s Cathedral. The greatest and most famous of the old cathedrals of Eastern Europe, St. Sofia’s Cathedral was built by Yaroslav the Wise in the first half of the 11th century. During the succeeding centuries the temple was restored after destruction, reconstructed and enlarged. Inside the Cathedral there are models of St. Sofia’s Cathedral in its initial and present form. It is a world-famous masterpiece of architecture, with frescos and mosaic art. The church is wonderful and glorious.


Kreshchatik str.Kreshchatik is the main street of Kyiv. It has been praised by bards and poets, reproduced by artists and cinematographers, depicted on postcards and stamps. The beauty of the shady chestnuts in bloom competes with that of the human-built ensembles of post-war buildings. Although the street has plenty of shops and offices, most people come here not on business, but just to relax. Many monuments, museums and just beautiful buildings are situated here.



Andreyevsky Spusk is the most picturesque street in Kyiv. In recent decades the Andreyevsky Spusk has become a cult street for Kyivans and visitors. There are several reasons for this. First there is the beauty of the street. And second, the permission for artists to trade their works freely in the street. Here you can buy some souvenirs and pictures; visit St. Andrew’s church,” The Museum of One Street” and many others.



The Golden Gate was the main entrance to “Yaroslav’s city”. Above an enormous arch rose was the cross of the Blagoveshenskiy church with its gold-plated dome. During the long years of destruction, the gate gradually was destroyed. Now the original ruins are hidden within the new structure, as if in gigantic holster.



St.Vladimir's Cathedral

St. Vladimir’s Cathedral was designed in a monumental Byzantium style. This is the most outstanding complex of sacral art of the late 19th century. The brilliant talent of Europe-known artists turned the Kyiv Vladimir Cathedral into a place of pilgrimage for aesthetes and a symbol of the new religious art. Many of the compositions first created here were repeated in the interiors of other Orthodox Churches throughout the country.



National art Museum

National art museum of Ukraine. A major treasure-house of the Ukrainian painting, graphical art and sculpture. The museum presents a large collection of Ukrainian art: icons, statues, paintings, drawings dating 11th – 20th centuries.


St.Mikhael's Cathedral

St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Cathedral
Was laid in 1108 by Kyiv Prince Sviatopolk. During the Soviet times the temple was destroyed. On 1997 began the cathedral’s revival.



Theatre of OperaT. Shevshenko National Academic Theatre of Oera and ballet of Ukraine was erected in 1901. It was generally used for opera and ballet performances. As well as talented local performers, foreign stars appeared on its stage. The front of the building is decorated with images of the semi-nude muses of tragedy and dance.



Philharmonic Hall

National Philharmonic was erected in 1882 as a hall for City Merchants Assembly. The building was also used for holding public meetings. Now this masterpiece of architecture is known as the N. Lisenko Column Hall of the Ukraine National Philharmonic. During restoration work the unique features of the hall were retained and some lost details were restored on the front.


PyrogovoThe museum of people’s architecture and way of life of Ukraine (Pirogovo) is located on the picturesque Kyiv outskirts near the Goloseyevsky forest. This is a remarkable ensemble of open-air exhibits. The museum has been opened to visitors since 1976. The museum structures are original examples of wooden architecture, transported here from the different regions of Ukraine.


Khanenko art museumThe Bohdan and Varvara Khanenko Museum of arts presents the largest and the most systematic holdings of classical foreign art in Ukraine. The museum is located in the old center of Kyiv in two buildings down Tereshchenkivska street.



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