on Anaesthesiology, Intensive Therapy and Pain Medicine

BUS 13 (2021)

Thirteenth  British-Ukrainian Symposium
in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care

“Topical issues and innovative technologies in Аnaesthesiology and Intensive Care”

April 21-24, 2021, Kyiv, Ukraine

Dear colleagues, due to the continual spread of COVID-19 in Ukraine as in many other countries since 12 March 2020 it has been established quarantine. Due to safety reasons, many big European conferences are held virtually and we are looking to do with BUS 13 in such way as well. We hope that in the near future your practice will return to normal activities and we will be able to meet you in Kyiv to share your valuable expertise.


Since 2008, Ukraine has been hosting the annual British-Ukrainian Symposium (BUS) on Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care and Pain Medicine. The project aims to increase the professional level and skills of specialists in Anaesthesia, Intensive Therapy and Pain Medicine. In 2010, the International Symposium “Pain Medicine: Present and Future” was organized. The conferences are attended by professors, lecturers and leading consultants from the UK, Ukraine and other countries. The creator and Principal Project Coordinator is Dr. Roman Cregg, MBBS, FRCA, PhD, President of the Ukrainian Medical Association in the UK. Each year the British-Ukrainian Symposium brings together about 1000 doctors from all regions of the Ukraine and CIS countries.



Previous events (2008 – 2019)