on Anaesthesiology, Intensive Therapy and Pain Medicine


The programme of the conference includes the following topics:

  1. Examples of the implementation of innovative technologies into anaesthesiology and IT in developed countries.
  2. Current issues of COVID-19 treatment in Ukraine and abroad.
  3. Experience of intensive care managment of serious co-diseases during COVID-19.
  4. Multimodal low opioid anaesthesia.
  5. Invasive and non-invasive respiratory support.
  6. Using of extracorporeal methods in Covid-19 – «Pro» and «Contra».
  7. School of perfusion technology.
  8. Anaesthesia and IT in cardio-, neuro-, thoracic and vascular surgery.
  9. Oxygenation and ventilation of the Difficult Airway.
  10. Massive hemorrhage management in trauma, surgery and obstetrics.
  11. Emergency care and IT during military conflicts.
  12. Treatment of severe infections and sepsis, criteria of antibiotics selection.
  13. Innovations in neuro-intensive therapy.
  14. Latest aspects of infusion therapy and clinical nutrition.
  15. Innovations in regional anaesthesia.
  16. Pediatric anaesthesiology and IT.
  17. Review of the Hot topics of Euroanaesthesia 2021
  18. Review specialized journals top topics of in anesthesiology and IT.
  19. Analysis of difficult case reports.
  20. Session of short reports.

A number of MASTER CLASSES will be also included into the program and the information will be available soon.

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