on Anaesthesiology, Intensive Therapy and Pain Medicine

Programme of the Sixth British-Ukrainian Symposium

The programme of the conference includes the following topics:

1.      Patient safety during general and regional anesthesia.
2.      Patient safety during intensive therapy and monitoring requirements for different nosology.
3.      Key aspects of the management of patients with polytrauma.
4.      Strategies to ensure patient safety and economic aspects in the organization of large department of peri-operative medicine and ICU.
5.      Determination of the treatment effectiveness  and patient safety from the standpoint of evidence-based medicine.
6.      The issue of patient safety during anesthesia and  intensive therapy in children.
7.      Sepsis problems and antimicrobial therapy.
8.      Acute questions of holding the respiratory support and weaning from the respirator.
9.      Anesthesia safety in cardiac surgery.


1.      Acute questions of infusion therapy: the balance of efficacy and safety of colloids.
2.      Practical aspects of “high” spinal anesthesia / analgesia.
3.      Practical aspects of nosocomial pneumonia treatment, sepsis and antimicrobial therapy.
4.      Question of efficiency and safety of prolonged epidural analgesia in the ICU.
5.      Pro and con the proceedings of health insurance in the work of the ICU.
6.      Acute issues of Nursing in the ICU.
7.      Analysis of clinical case reports.
8.      Chance of poster session reports (?)

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