on Anaesthesiology, Intensive Therapy and Pain Medicine

Programme 2015

Programme of the Seventh British-Ukrainian Symposium

The programme of the conference included the following topics:

  1. Organizational aspects of emergency care and intensive care in armed conflict.
  2. Modern British and American algorithms of emergency care and intensive care in trauma and combat injuries.
  3. Features of medical care and assistance in transporting patients who are in serious and critical condition.
  4. Management of patients with massive bleeding.
  5. Patient safety and economic aspects in organization of large department of perioperative medicine and ICU during the mass flow of the victims.
  6. Treatment of severe infections and sepsis.
  7. Paediatric anaesthesia and intensive care.
  8. Issues of fluid therapy and enteral nutrition.
  9. Respiratory support and weaning from the mechanical ventilation.
  10. Anaesthesia and intensive care in cardiac and thoracic surgery.


1.    Rescue emergency care algorithms for patients with trauma and gunshot injuries. Manikin training.

  1. Fluid therapy issues: the balance of efficacy and safety.
  2. Regional anaesthesia. Cadaver-workshop.
  3. The choice of antibiotics for the treatment of serious infections.
  4. Health insurance issues proceedings in the work of the ICU.
  5. Nursing in ICU.
  6. Clinical case reports session.

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