on Anaesthesiology, Intensive Therapy and Pain Medicine

Programme 2008

Programme of the First British-Ukrainian Symposium, 2008

Wednesday, 24.09.08

9:00-11:30 Tour around the hospital.
12:00-12:30 Introduction and Welcome remarks Yu.V. Voronenko
Roman Cregg,
І.P. Shlapak,
Monty Mythen
B.M. Todurov
Section 1. Organization of service and Postgraduate Training and Education.Chairs: Roman Cregg and Іgor P. Shlapak
12:30-13:00 Organization of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care service in the UK James Down
13:00-13:30 Postgraduate training in Anaesthesia and ITU in the UK Ernie Grundy
14:30-14:45 Organization of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care service in the Ukraine M.V. Bondar
14:45-15:00 Organization and Perspectives of Postgraduate Education in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care in Ukraine І.P. Shlapak
15:00-15:30 The role of the specialist nurses in the UK (Recovery room, ITU, Day surgery and Pain Medicine) Julia Cambitzi
Section 2. Evidence Based MedicineChairs: Roman Cregg, L.O.Maltseva, M.M. Pylypenko
15:40-16:10 Applying of principles of evidence based medicine in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Lesley Bromley
16:20-16:35 State of evidence based medicine in Ukraine M.M. Pylypenko
16:35-16:50 Infection control in ICUs: to be or not to be Yu.I.Nalapko

Thursday, 25.09.08

Section 3. ITU, Neuroanaesthesia and Radiation poisoningChairs: Sian Jaggar, V.A. Lysetskiy, I.R. Malysh
9:00-9:30 Contemporary aspects of Mechanical Ventilation and role of sedation. Difficult weaning. Carlos Gomez
9:40-9:55 Nosocomia pneumonia in ICU: panresistance of culture S.O.Dybrov
10:00-10:30 Management severe sepsis Monty Mythen
10:50-11:05 Acute pancreatitis: determination of treatment priorities from on the basis of the best evidence І.P. Shlapak
11:05-11:20 Endolimphatic antibiotic therapy of acute pancreatitis M.V.Bondar,
11:20-11:50 Update on head injury monitoring and management Mary Newton
11:55-12:25 A Case of Polonium poisoning James Down
12:30-12:55 1986 Chernobyl disaster – intensive care of casualties. What can we learn from the history? V.A.Lisetskiy
Section 4. Cardiac, General and Paediatric AnaesthesiaChairs: Brigitta Brandne, G.S., G.I. Belebezyev, O.A. Loskutov
14:00-14:30 Provision of Cardiac Anaesthesia service in the UK Alex Dewhurst
14:40-14:55 Cardiosurgical operation on open heart without haemotransfusion O. Loskutov
15:00-15:20 Anaesthesia for non-cardiac surgery in patients with congenital heart diseases Sian Jaggar
15:35-16:00 Paediatric Anaesthesia Service in the UK Jane Lockie
16:10-16:40 Cardiac evaluation of the non-cardiac patient Monty Mythen
16:50-17:05 Colloid limited strategy in polytrauma patients treatment L.V.Sgrzheblovska

Friday, 26.09.08

Section 5. Chronic PainChairs: Jamie Smart, Yu.Yu. Kobelyatskiy, V.B. Gasin
9:00-9:30 Organization of Acute and Chronic Pain service in the UK Joan Hester
9:30-9:50 Training in Pain Medicine in the UK Natasha Curran
10:10-10:40 Role of Anaesthetist / Pain Consultant in Palliative Care Medicine Joan Hester
11:00-11:30 Modern techniques in Regional Anaesthesia and Chronic Pain Brigitta Brandner
11:40-12:10 Opioids as part of multimodal analgesia and in chronic non-malignant pain Andrew Nicolaou
12:20-12:35 Regional anaesthesia in patient with multiple injuries Yu.L.Kuchin
Section 6. Acute Pain Chairs: Andrew Nicolaou, A.V. Belyaev, S.M. Byshovets
13:40-14:10 Analgesic effects of epidural adjuncts Jamie Smart
14:20-14:50 Combined Spinal and Epidural injections for labour analgesia and mobile epidurals Roshan Fernando
15:00-15:15 Prolonged spinal anaesthesia (catheterisation of subarachnoidal space) С.М.Бишовець
Section (in separate conference room). Cardio anaesthesiaChairs: Alex Dewhurst, Sian Jaggar, O.A. Loskutov, A.P. Mazur
10.00 Excursion in Cardio centre for anaesthesiologists
11.00 Round table / Workshop
Section 7. Obstetric Anaesthesia and Day surgeryChairs: Jamie Smart, F.S. Vaschuk, R.A. Tkachenko
15:30-16:00 Obstetric High Dependency Unit – who needs it ? Roshan Fernando
16:10-16:40 Postoperative multimodal analgesia in general surgical population – UK approach Sian Jaggar
16:50-17:00 Closing remarks.End, handouts and feedback RomanCregg,