on Anaesthesiology, Intensive Therapy and Pain Medicine

Christian Hönemann

Dr. Christian Hönemann, MD,PhD, Priv. Doz. is a Chairman of the Anesthesia, Critical Care and Emergency Medicine Department at St Marienhospital Vechta, Vechta, Germany. He also worked as a Chair of Anaesthesiolgy Department at the Klinikum Leer, Germany (2016 – 2018). 

Dr. Hönemann is teaching at the University of Muenster, Germany (Dir. Prof. Dr. med. A. Zarbock) in the field Anesthesia and Critical Care.

His main clinical and research interests are in  minimal flow anesthesia, patient blood management, regional anaesthesia, airway management, mechanical ventilation, pain assessment. Dr.Hönemann also  investigates different Breathing Filter and breathing hoses within breathing circuits.

Dr. Hönemann was resident at the University of Muenster, Germany, and did his postdoctoral research fellowship at the University of Virginia, USA (Dir. Robert Eppstein, MD, PhD) in the laboratory of Marcel Durieux MD, PhD. He won the first (1997) and second price (1998) of the ASA resident award. His research an local anesthetics and their effects on G Protein coupled receptors resulted in the Ben Covino Award of the IARS in 1998. He returned back to the University of Muenster, where he started his own research laboratory. In 2002 he won the August Bier Price of the German Society of Anesthesia (DGAI).

He is member of the DGAI, BDA and IARS. Since 2016 he is appointed in the DGAI’s Commission for Standardization and Technical Safety.

During his medical studies he worked together with Prof. Dr. med. Jan Baum MD, PhD and Prof. Dr. Archibald Brain on the laryngeal mask and minimal flow anesthesia. He is author on more than 80 national and international articles and chapters of 5 books. He and his colleagues Dr. med. Olaf Hagemann and Dr. med. Marie Luise Ruebsam are actually working on minimal flow anesthesia, climatization of anesthetic gases and intraoperative protective ventilation.

Dr. Hönemann and his wife Maggy live in Vechta, lower Saxony, Germany and have two sons.

At the Eleventh British-Ukrainian Symposium, Oliver Herden-Kirchhoff will focus on the following topics:

  • Low and Minimal Flow Anesthesia 
  • Current recommendations for lung protective ventilation in the OR