on Anaesthesiology, Intensive Therapy and Pain Medicine

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Usually, foreign lecture “speaker’s set” at our symposium includes two 30 min lectures (in big lecture hall for near 300 delegates) and 60-90 min workshop (WS). WS could be hand on presentation of manual skills on a manikin (for 20-40 delegates) or session of question/answers on the topics of lectures in small lecture hall for near 80 delegates).

For the lecturers we cover all travel expenses, stay in Kyiv – we provide a hotel and rich social program.

For the correct display of your personal data in the programme, promotional materials and on the website (example), we kindly ask you to fill out the form bellow. Please attach your photo and short bio sketch  as well. As an alternative option you can also consider to send your data, photo and bio to our primary coordinator Maksym Pylylpenko (maxpyl@yahoo.com).


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